Moving While Pregnant

pregnant moving
The day before we moved from Massachusetts to Maine  (36 weeks pregnant)

I have moved so many times recently and I’ve had to move pregnant and with babies in tow. This is not for the faint of heart, but it makes you realize that you can do just about anything which makes motherhood seem much easier! Although tough, moving while pregnant (or with kids in tow) is possible, so I wanted to help you all out, if you are in or will be in this situation soon. Here are a few ways to make moving while pregnant easier:


Start Ahead Of Time

The easiest way to get a handle of things? Start way ahead of time. The more time you have to do everything, the better. This way, if you have to juggle back pain, diaper changes (with any current babies), doctors appointments, exhaustion, and even potentially going into labor, you have time! Create a moving checklist that includes everything that you need to do. As you go along in the process, check off items, add items, whatever you need to do in order to stay organized and on top of your list. If you need to have all of your packing done by the 1st of the month, start a month before that with decluttering, organizing, and getting things ready to go in boxes. Honestly, starting more than a month in advance will only help you feel less stressed!


Drink A lot Of Water

During the moving process and on moving day especially, it can be challenging to remember to stay hydrated and nourished. While food is easier to remember, a lot of us (in general) forget to drink enough water, so that’s why I want to focus on it. When you wake up on moving day, chug a glass of water. Set reminders or alarms on your phone so that you do not forget and when those alarms go off, chug a glass. Or, alternatively, you could carry around a gallon jug with you and write times where you need to drink to. Ex. by 9am, you need to drink 1/5th of the jug. Write a line with the time there.


Hire A Moving Company


You are already doing enough by growing a child, so do not add extra stress in your life by doing the move by yourself. Instead, hire a moving company to reduce your stress and lessen your load. A moving company such as Fresh Start – The Moving Crew can help you with any of your New England moving needs. They do packing, they are residential, commercial, and labor movers Worcester MA, and most importantly – they are trusted and have been trusted since they started business in 2012. Hiring them, you can rely on one of the most trusted moving companies in New England. Their number one goal is to simplify your move by taking some of the weight off your shoulders…literally. And, does anything sound better to a pregnant woman?! I’d say not! They say, “One of the most important things to consider when searching for moving companies in Worcester County, MA is experience. If you hire local movers that are inexperienced and unequipped to handle your move, it’ll just put even more work on you.When you rely on the local movers at Fresh Start – The Moving Crew, you can count on us for:

Competitive pricing

Customer-focused service

Fast and efficient moving services

We rely on 8 years of experience to move our clients. Choose one of the top moving companies in Worcester County, MA to handle your move. Call now to get a free estimate on our affordable moving services.”

Find Someone To Entertain The Kid(s)

If you can, hire a babysitter, utilize friends and family, or send your kids to a day camp or daycare. This is definitely ideal because you will not have to worry about your kids (if you have any) while moving and grooving yourself. It is hard enough to move while pregnant, but throw in a few wild kids and it can be a recipe for disaster. Save yourself the trouble and try to find childcare for at least a few hours!


Prepare The Animals And Kids

Moving is tough on you, but imagine how it feels for your animals and kids. They might be anxious, confused, excited, and maybe even stressed, as well. No matter how they are feeling, prepare them. Make it fun – make it exciting! Give them things to look forward to, like picking out their new room. And for the animals, give them time to get used to the new house. It will happen and you can help them with the transition by bringing along a few “older,” more comfortable items.


Create A Moving Day “Safe” Room

If it’s cold or rainy outdoors, designate a safe room for your children to play without interfering with the moving crew’s work. Make sure you notify the movers that your children are playing in the room, and it’s off limits; you can even post a sign on the door.

-Since your electronics (television, DVD player, video game consoles) are likely packed already, supply your children with board games, coloring books, dolls or other low-maintenance toys. Keep a cooler with snacks and drinks in the room, along with the family pet for company.

-Books are a great option if your children are old enough to read. Buy your kids a new book to get lost in. They can pass time reading in a low-traffic area, and you can feel safe knowing they are out of the way!

-Set up a portable DVD player in a small tent with some sleeping bags and flashlights and let them “camp out” for a few hours while the movers do their job. Once the move is complete, you can simply pack up the tent, get your little ones in the car and head out to your new home.

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