Part II – For Isla, in 2020

Sweetest Isla… I know you are only 13 months old so your memories won’t present themselves like Logan’s might… but I hope your beautiful mind and soul feel these things and shape you in the best way.

I hope you remember…
Snuggly nursing sessions
and the hum of lullabies against your body.

I hope you remember…
The feeling of your legs becoming stronger
and standing tall while your family cheered and clapped.

I hope you remember…
The cool blue water touching your piggies
and the thrill of bubbles in the bathtub.

I hope you remember…
Giggling with abandon
at tickles and dancing and all of your brother’s antics.

I hope you remember…
The warm sun on your face
and the sound of birds chirping in your backyard.

I hope you remember…
The sweet taste of your first ice cream
and licking frosting off your birthday cake.

I hope you remember…
The hundreds of kisses placed on your cheeks
and your head on our shoulders at night.

I hope you remember…
You danced before you walked
and have loved music since the moment you arrived.

I hope you remember…
A first birthday party full of sparkles and songs
and your family dancing on the porch because they couldn’t come inside.

I hope you remember…
Your family kept showing up
through windows, on FaceTime, through the mail.

I hope you remember…
Watching the boats at the co-op
and sandy donuts on a blanket.

I hope you remember…
Kisses from your Mazin girl
and lying in between us in the big bed at 2 am.

I hope you remember…
That the world you were born into may have changed quickly
but the people were kind and your house was always full of love and laughter.

I hope you remember…
How much we love and adore you
and can’t imagine a world without you in it.

Love you, my girl.

XO, Mom

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