Um, I Haven’t Posted Since May. Is That an OK Title?

amazing-woman-quotesMy husband recently sent me a hilarious Bored Panda article called 24 ‘Accurately Titled Novels’ Hilariously Mock Unoriginal Writers.  I decided to use that inspiration in titling my own blog post (can I also just admit how long I agonized over whether or not using italics was appropriate in this case?  I was stressed because of the quotation marks within the title of the article. I love writing and grammar but today my zombie brain doesn’t want to do anything correctly).

To those of you still reading, thank you. What a friggin’ boring introduction.

Anywho, this post is more or less a ramble of how much I love the community of women around me.  Truly love. The world can be a very negative place and I swear to GOD if I read one more WMTW comments section, I will be arrested for what I respond to some of the nasty people I have come across.  BUT.  In the midst of the darkness that is human ignorance and hatred, I have found so many shining lights and for that I am eternally grateful.

Firstly, the incredible community of predominately women I have found through the Maine Needs Facebook page.  There are thousands of them, reaching out offering their help and support to our newest community members from other countries and to mamas right here at home. Lest you start thinking, “Why aren’t they helping our OWN first?” (GOD, I ABHOR THAT QUESTION), let me assure you, they are and they will continue to do so.  You see, people with hearts for humanity help ALL of humanity any chance they get. They do not discriminate where goodwill is shown.  But it has been incredibly heartening to see this rise to action and the love and acceptance shown by this group and the new Maine Baby donation center housed within the Root Cellar in Portland.  I have been so inspired by this group I can’t even begin to explain it to you in words.

Secondly, the incredible women I have met just out and about in my new community with children of their own who hold a door for you, befriend you on the beach or at the library, offer to watch your baby so you can pee, tell you are doing a great job when you are about to have a nervous breakdown in public, etc.   I have felt NO mommy shaming as of yet and that is a pretty fabulous admission.

And lastly (but certainly not… leastly?  Just kidding, I Googled that. It’s least), my friends and family.   (Wait, wait, this is starting to sound like an Oscars speech…I’m so obnoxious, I swear there is a point to all of this). You guys are truly unbelievable. You show up, help out, give your very last free seconds and cents to the people you love and those in need around you.  It’s mind blowing.  I love you all so very much.

The reason I’m saying this is because this is all my Mama Love Movement coming to life before my very eyes.  I did a quick Facebook post with this general sentiment a few weeks ago, but I had to expand upon that thought.  It really is a beautiful thing to me that women support women the way they do (not just moms, but all women).  This is not to say men don’t as well, but I have to admit that in general, my strongest friendships and the people who have consistently had my back in life have been female. It’s just the way it is. (Chris, do not read into this.  I love you dearly, you ALWAYS have my back and I know that).

Women are FIERCE.  Mamas are STRONG. Girlfriends are for LIFE.

Love you, ladies… thanks for restoring my faith in humanity daily. For your compassion, your strength, and your random acts of kindness.

In closing, I’d like to thank all who have made it this far for indulging in my emotional, sleep addled stream of consciousness.  I give all credit to Isla who decided she was hungry about 6 times last night and Mazin who ONLY wanted to sleep curled up between my legs such that I was forced to sleep like a snow angel.



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