Be Nice. No One Likes a Jerk.


As someone who has worked in customer service for MANY years (and yes, nursing is customer service – perhaps one of the most intense forms of it), I have something to say:


I’m serious here.  I know you are paying a LOT of money for those chicken tenders when you are out to eat, but there is no reason to shout at the waitress when she brings them to you and you only see four, not five. A polite discussion of your quandary will generally get you the exact same results (with less spit from the line cook).

If you are dealing with teachers, NO MORE YELLING and assuming Johnny couldn’t POSSIBLY do anything wrong – Johnny likely DID do something wrong and will now be comfortable doing something wrong again because Mommy and Daddy always rush to bail him out.

If you are dealing with a nurse or a doctor or a CNA or anyone trying to help you or your child when you are sick, BE RESPECTFUL.  Advocacy is fine, insults and screaming are not. Unless said healthcare professional is a complete moron or horribly rude, remember that they are doing their best to help you and have probably had to help 100 other people today as well (some who may be MUCH sicker than you).  We understand that you’re stressed (health matters are stressful), but we all went into this profession to heal and serve and could really do without the attitude.

When you talk to someone on a customer service line (ie for insurance issues, financial matters, your cell phone, etc.), remember that the person on the other end is probably making $14/hour and quite possibly hates their job because everyone screams at them all day.  They don’t make the rules and they don’t make the big bucks. Be firm with your inquiries, but no need to shout or tell them you are going to “find them and drop a bomb on them” (yes, someone actually said that to me once when I worked in insurance).  That’s just uncalled for.

When you are out and about, say please and thank you. Hold the door for the elderly person, the pregnant woman, or really any single individual who is behind you entering the building because no one likes a door slammed in their face. Put down your phone when talking to others (so rude) and stop being impatient. Your spastic energy and lack of planning does not constitute an emergency for anyone else.   Barista Sam is making your triple shot latte as fast as he possibly can, Gina. Just relax.

What does any of this have to do with a mommy blog? It has everything to do with it, actually. Kids mimic our behavior and learn from our actions.  Don’t breed more entitled, awful humans, for the love of God. Teach them patience, compassion, basic social skills, and perspective. If you are that upset about your latte order, it’s time to start volunteering at the soup kitchen.


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