To Be A Toddler

Has it ever occurred to you that toddlers are living their best life?  In my next life, I’m coming back as a two year old and I’m never getting older.

I was thinking of this as I watched Logan move throughout the first half of the day today.  This kid is independent enough to walk and climb and get himself just about whatever he wants and yet he bats his eyelashes and reaches up for me and bam! — carried around like a tiny prince.

When he’s hungry, he grabs my hand and walks me into the kitchen and I cook him something delicious!  Can you imagine if there was a live-in chef in your house?  Your very own short-order cook?

And while we are on the topic of food, the kid eats like he was just released from prison… and yet he still has a great little figure.  He is the perfect size for his age and rock solid and strong.  Meanwhile, I look at a cookie and put on three pounds.

He runs around and gets dirty and rubs leaves through his hair… but no matter!  He’s happy as a clam and doesn’t care who seems him in his disheveled state. The kid could sprint naked through a crowd with a smile and total confidence.

He gets three solid hours a day to NAP.  Oh my God, what I would give to nap for three hours a day.

When he doesn’t like someone or something, he can just yell or cry or express himself. No bottling of feelings – he does what he wants.  There are days I would like to yell and cry because I’m grocery shopping as well, Logan… and yet, it’s considered inappropriate and not very cute if I do it.

And finally, he doesn’t give a rip if the house is clean. I, on the other hand, will spend 75% of my day today cleaning and tidying and will feel half-crazed by the end but will also feel my skin crawl if I see clutter or a dirty dish. Wouldn’t it be great to just throw your leftover mac ‘n cheese on the floor like Thor and strut away to find another fun activity to do?  You know, without worrying that you might end up on Hoarders someday if you don’t keep cleaning?

So yes. In my next life, I’m coming back as a toddler. And I will leave no stone unturned.


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